Get rewarded - Become a beta tester

We're an inovative company aiming to become the very, very, best at renting out gameservers.
But we understand that it can't be done without your help. Help us get better and get rewarded
a discount code for up to 70%.

Up to 70%

Get up to 70% discount when you create your server (1-6 months). This is valid the first time you create your server.

One or many

Test one server, or many - that's totally up to you. You'll be rewarded for each test you help us with. You can even test a game we already have launched.

Testing is simple

Testing? Yup... you simply create a server and play it. Maybe play around a bit in our client area - and then you report all the stuff you find.

How does it work?

We will be providing you with a discount coupon, all you need to to is purchase some coins and then apply your coupon when creating a gameserver. When you have played for a while we'd appriciate your feedback, and would also love to get some feedback on our lovely Client Area. All your feedback will not only create a better service for you - but for everyone else too. Your feedback is very valuable to us.

Ok, ok, let's get started!

We need you to create an account, and then mail us at with your information and short introduction why you'd be a good beta tester for us. Remember that we'are looking for feedback, both on client area and gameservers - at least one of them is required.